I forgot to set my clock back Saturday night.

Technically, I had thought about it, nay obsessed over it every day for two weeks.  Being an avid fan of Daylight Savings time, I like to get those things right.  Two snow days and three work days ago, I had been all over it.  I told my sisters.  I reminded my friends. I discussed it with my co-workers at the proverbial water cooler.  I wanted all of us to be ready for the impending shift that would, in the end, make us all sleepy and perhaps mildly edgy for a day or two but would ultimately forecast the coming of our beloved Spring.

Ah Spring!

You see, in this part of the country, we have experienced our worst winter in years.  Unpredictable. Seemingly unending. And just plain, downright cold.  We, collectively, are soooo ready for Spring.  Inside and Out.

All the signs are there.  Bird songs woke me up this morning.  Ash Wednesday has come and Lent is in full swing for those who reverance this as the Red Carpet of Spring.  Stores mark the coming via aisles piled high with green top-hats, smiling plastic bunnies, and an abundance of multi-colored eggs.  (Marshmallow or Jelly bean, your choice.)

And guess who didn’t fast forward?  Guess who failed to be prepared?

It doesn’t mean I’m stuck in the past, clinging to winter’s travail and relating it to my life in some horrible way.  (At least not this year)  Nor does it mean that the only way I was reminded was by the discrepancy between my alarm clock and the phone I grab as soon as I wake on most mornings.  (Don’t judge!) It doesn’t mean I secretly wanted to sleep in (Ok, you can judge me here.)

It means I simply forgot.  I’m human.  We do things like that.  You see, inside I’m experiencing my own personal spring.  Newness after months of internal winter (yeah, I cjust ompared my life to winter).  Temps are rising, things are blossoming, the air is clean and new-ish. 

…and last night I was too busy to think about it.  I fell out exhausted from a crazy, wonderful, busy, not-thinking-about-old-dead-things kind of day. About time. Spring is here.  Stirring.  Lifting. Brightening. 

Spring Forward?  Already have.  See you there.