I woke up this morning and made the sad mistake of clicking a certain popular social media app on the phone.  I have an ongoing battle with this entity as I am increasingly disgusted by what some humans feel is appropriate to say in digital format. From political rants to overtly-suggestive jokes, I LOVE the unfollow and see less options that are available to me.

Still, my friends post pictures and tag me and it makes me long to see them.  My Dad discovered how to scroll and genuinely “likes” the majority of my posts.  My Mom sends me “Good Morning, Have a Blessed Day” messages from her Kindle Fire.  Then, there are the viral videos of kids counting (love it), dogs talking (boyfriend loves it), and trash talk around basketball playoff time (Cats and Cards fans love it)!

It’s not all bad.

What happens though is that you pick up your phone to check the weather, listen to a morning devotional, or really intend to call your mother and …

My point exactly.  So much is packed into those three little dots.

So. Much. Of. Nothing.

Approximately 42 minutes later I came to my senses and laid the phone down.  Prompted by the thin line of sunshine piercing the darkness between my bedroom curtains, I arose, opened a window and remembered that my life or something like it was waiting.  Even if it is only the world of my morning coffee and a seat on my fav patio chair.

42 minutes of letting in everybody else’s stuff.  Social Media is like that friend you have, whom you really love, but who complains all of the time about everything and you can’t get a word in to respectfully and politely ask them to shut up for a second. By the time they are finished, your eyes are glazed over and you, quite possibly, have to wipe a thin line of dribble from the corner of your mouth.  They lost you around minute 2 and ½ but you kept on sitting there virtually scrolling through the conversation waiting to hear a word or phrase you could “like”, “pin” yourself to, or “retweet” back to them to prove you were actually listening.

All in all, you like this friend.  Honestly, I have passwords I can’t remember for a variety of social media outlets.  I’m a news junkie, just not 24/7.  I like pretty pictures, inspirational quotes, career advice and recipes just like the next pop culture creation.  I replay lip sync battles, stream videos, and linger a bit too long on the pictures of my favorite screen stars’ six-packs.

But for the love of all that is good in the world – Enough is enough. Mom was right when she used to kick us out of the house and make us go ride bikes or play tag or just soak up the sunshine.  She didn’t know about the internet back then; but she knew what was going to give our form and void its shape and character.  Plus, Mom knew…

Its not all bad.

If I hadn’t gotten on the app this morning, and called her like I’d planned, I may not have been able to bring this fine rant your way. However, I’m closing the old laptop and …

I’m going outside to play.

(Disclaimer: Grammar may be really really bad in this post.  I have absorbed too much of the “I don’t care how bad my spelling and grammar looks” culture that is making me have to work harder at my teaching job.  I’ll do better next time.)