So, I read this prompt and my mind began to roll over all of the ways I could NOT share my true feelings about the word deprive. Why? Immediately, I felt a flash of heat and sadness and I swear my eyes felt a little misty from this sudden, heavy, unexplainable emotion.  I saw the memory, I heard the script in my head, and I relived the whole thing again.  Maybe you did, too.

Now, I am naturally a “heavy-emotion” person which comes as no surprise to my family or friends or possibly even an occasional stranger on the street.  *Insert Angel emoji here.* Words like deprive bring to mind longing, loss, and hunger.  These are not exactly happy concepts and can be downright depressing if one’s “heavy-emotion” mind chooses to dwell there.

So let’s not dwell there.

Can deprive be something positive? Can deprive lead to the opposites of longing and loss?  Are longing and loss really always downers?

I can deprive myself of candy and snacks and lose weight? Right.  A person who hurt me can deprive my future of wasted time by staying away. That’s good eventually, right.  How about temporarily depriving ourselves with sacrifices so that we can grow stronger, smarter, or more in love.

One definition even says deprive: to take something, especially something necessary or pleasant, away from someone (Cambridge English Dictionary)

Did you see that?  It is good to help someone get free from the unnecessary and it is right to guide someone to become unfettered from the unpleasant.  Yes, it is practically a calling, a mission, a duty.  Yeah!  I like that. It sounds so triumphant.

So, let me sum up this rambling before you, dear reader, decide to deprive me of your presence.

It is easy to see the negative from an experience, especially when you have been through a few things.  When we feel we have lost something we really wanted or when we feel unloved or ignored.  It meant something to us, so we miss it.    But we each have the power to put the positive or negative perspective on OUR OWN story.  It can make the difference in the moments we spend living or the moment we spend longing.  We cannot deprive ourselves another minute…choose the living.

I know I am.